ADDKEM Specialties, S.L. is a company formed by professionals with more than 25 years experience in different areas in the distribution sector of Chemical Products and Raw Materials for the Industry.

We work not only in the supply and information about the products themselves, but also in other areas related to Safety, Facilities and the Environment, where we can advise and offer other complementary goods and services, which we understand is part of our responsibility in the distribution cannel, and in this way we become more than a product supplier for our customers.

Our mission is to add Value to the Distribution Chain and to work with the Responsibility that the sector requires, we go further in the relationship with our environment, suppliers, and customers, being a fully trusted partner that pursues joint development and growth, for all the above we can affirm that we are Your Chemical Partner.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Certified for the «Distribution and Commecialization of Raw Materials and Chemicals and Related Products» since March 2017.

Certificate ADDKEM Specialties, S.L. ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ADDKEM Specialties, S.L. ISO 14001:2015


To be a reference in the Sector for offering solutions adapted to the real needs of our clients, taking an active part in their activity, contributing our knowledge and experience in order to improve the management of the life cycle of chemical products.

To be a key piece in the distribution chain, working to achieve joint growth and development, complementing the activities carried out by our suppliers and clients.

To be recognized as a flexible, agile collaborator, with excellent and personal service and attention.

Our goal is to expand and broaden our offer and scope of action, positioning ourselves in the market as a fully trusted Partner, working with our clients and suppliers in the development of new products or projects.


We believe in people as a fundamental value of an organization, that is why we promote the development and participation of the Team being all part and key of the Project.

We believe in Safety as a starting point to improve productivity and processes, that is why we try to complement our service by providing our experience in this area.

We understand that the sector and the very nature of the products require Global Responsibility in their management, that is why we do not want to be simply a supplier but a trusted and reliable partner.

We work to understand the specific needs of our clients, adapt our offer and work personally with them. Involvement, closeness, participation and flexibility is what we seek in our relationship.

We pursue long-lasting relationships with our clients, suppliers and collaborators, as well as with society in general.

We understand that continuous learning, updating and constant evolution are necessary, both to grow internally and to contribute to the improvement in the supply chain, focusing on excellence in our service.


As a summary of all the above, we want to participate in the development and growth of your project, being an involved part of it and contributing our experience and knowledge in different areas within the use of chemical products in the industry, we want to be Your Chemical Partner.

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